Nettek Solutions
Server management - Web hosting - Computer repair


Services we offer:

  • VPS management. You bring the VPS and we manage it for you. This include OS and software updates as needed.

  • Server management. We can mange your server for you, whether on your premises or colocated in a data center.

  • Server monitoring with predetermined event handling. We can fix the problem for you or just notify you of the issue.

  • Performance consulting. Working to get every ounce of work out of your VPS or dedicated server.

  • Security consulting. Patching and testing the operating system and apps to provide you with a secure server.

  • Project management. We have already had to deal with the problems your project will hit, so take advantage of our experience.

  • Computer Repair. If you are located in the Abilene, TX area, Nettek Solutions offers computer repair, including free pickup and delivery.

Some of our clients choose to call on us when a problem arises, while others prefer to have us involved through the life of a project or server. Contact us today to see how Nettek Solutions can improve your server experience.


Nettek Solutions is a group of motivated Systems Administrators, Project Managers, and Go-To guys who have done most things, but want to help you avoid the problems they struggled to figure out in the past.

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